6 Romantic Hairstyles for Valentines

6 Romantic Hairstyles for Valentines

Double dating at your favorite restaurant or grabbing drinks with your girl friends might be in the cards this Valentine’s Day, and putting some extra oomph into your beauty routine is a plus. Whether you’re getting ready for a hot date or just want to look cute for a movie night in, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to swipe on that long-wear lipstick you’ve been hoarding and try that hairstyle you have saved on Instagram.

For hairstyle inspiration that feels fresh, not fussy, we’re sharing the looks that we will be trying. Click ahead for hairstyles that are perfect for your hot plans this weeked!

Hollywood glam … with a twist


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Kate Bosworth at last year’s Golden Globes is our Valentine’s Day pipe dream. From the polished twist braid (somehow chicer with two strands as opposed to three) to the backless gown, the whole thing is like an IRL pink-heart emoji.


French Roll Updo

It doesn’t get more romantic than a wispy updo. A modern twist on classic french roll, this elegant look would pair well with soft makeup.

Here’s how to get the look:

  1. Add texture to your locks with hair spray and if you prefer, a quick curling wand action
  2. Gather all of your hair on the right side of your head and pin your hair in place.
  3. Create a small bun with your ends.
  4. Once secure, tightly roll in your hair inwards until you reach your head.
  5. Pin down and tuck in any loose ends!


Textured High Pony

If your third day hair happens to fall on the ~romantic~ holiday, this quick textured pony is the answer to your problems.

Here’s how:

  1. Texture is key. If you don’t already have texture in your hair, spray in dry shampoo and add waves for extra volume.
  2. Pull your strands back into a high ponytail and tightly secure with a hair tie.
  3. Tease the front part of your pony and pull it forward.


Side-Parted Waves


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For proof that curling your hair doesn’t have to mean super-done-up curls, look toward these low-key waves for Valentine’s Day. Opt for a curling wand (it’s easier to control than an iron) and gently comb out your waves and part ’em to the side.


Scrunchie Hairstyle


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Looking for a Valentine’s Day hairstyle that’s nice and easy? Grab your biggest, prettiest scrunchie (I love Emi Jay’s Sweet Dreams Silk Scrunchie) and gently twist your hair into a knot at the nape of your neck. Pull out a few loose pieces in the front to finish off the look.


This Romantic Low Bun

Is it just me or does this low bun basically scream “Valentine’s Day hairstyle”? You can get as fancy or as low-key as you wish with this one, but I personally love the idea of leaving out a few face-framing pieces and softly curling them for good measure.



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