• Debunking Hair Myths About Hair Colouring

    If you’ve ever coloured your hair, you probably know how much upkeep goes into keeping your hue fresh and vibrant. Sometimes, we fall into a deep hole of hair myths and so-called “secrets” that we’ve heard for so long, we’ve accepted them as scientific facts. But trust us, the Bennetts & Jackson experts, when we say that there is a lot of fake news out there when it comes to determining how you should care for your hair. To help you separate fact from fiction, we compiled a list of......

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  • The Benefits Of Hair Extensions

    There are endless benefits of hair extensions.  Using hair extensions is a great solution for getting the hair you’ve always dreamed of. Here are our top 5 reasons why you should be using hair extensions:       1. Instant Hair Length Transformation Short one day, long the next? It’s up to you. Also- hair extensions are not only used for length, but can also be added for increased volume! ✌🏼Rows & a mini to add length’ volume.                 2. Low Maintenance  ......

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  • HERE IT IS! B & J 2.0

    After many,many,many hours Late nights, pizza party’s a few beers & tired eyes! We did it! I’m so beyond proud of this stunning space Daniel & I (mostly Daniel) created in just 8 short weeks. Whether you need a hair trim, a treatment, hair extensions, or any hair needs, Bennetts & Jackson in Upper Mount Gravatt – we just opened our newly renovated salon – is now ready to cater to your beauty pampering needs. Here are some pictures of our lovely salon. Look at the amazing green wall! The......

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    Maintenance is very important and we offer an extensive aftercare service. Once you have had your hair extensions fitted, your extensions will need to be looked after and cared for to ensure your own hair does not get damaged and you get the most out of your new hair. Maintenance appointments are extremely important to keep your extensions looking their best and to stop any matting/tangling of your natural re-growth hair. The length of time before your second appointment will depend on the treatment you have.   COLOURING OF YOUR......

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  • Blonde Hair After-Care

    Blonde Hair After-Care They say blondes have more fun, but let’s be honest – caring for blonde hair can be a real hassle. Not only can elements (such as water, the sun, and air pollution) make your hair brassy, but over styling and processing your hair can also leave your locks dry and prone to breakage! Not to worry our Brisbane blondes, we’re here to impart knowledge on how to take care of your blonde hair after stepping out of Bennetts & Jackson! Let’s get started!   TONERS: We used......

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  • Express Styling Service

    At Bennetts & Jackson, you can expect to leave with more than just hair that wows We are committed to making our clients feel like a million bucks, no matter what day of the week. Depending on your hair texture – especially thick, curly or frizzy hair types – you may find that our express styling service is much easier than doing it yourself. What is express styling? The express styling service is a quick, 30minute experience. Our salon artist will style it however you like with waves, curls or......

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  • All You Want To Know About Bennetts & Jackson’s Keratin Treatment

      Frizz. We have been fighting it since, what feels like, the beginning of time. With so many products, DIY home remedies, and salon treatments that claim to kill frizz once and for all, it can be overwhelming to try to find the solution that works best for your hair. Do you have frizzy or damaged hair? Are you wondering how to make it look healthy again? Before we get into our amazing keratin treatment, let me just explain what is keratin. What is Keratin? Keratin isn’t only a straightening......

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  • Bennetts & Jackson 2.0

    Some very very exciting news! Bennett’s & Jackson 2.0 coming soon! Hi there! We very happy to share our journey as we move to a bigger and more gorgeous space. If you’ve been following us on our socials, we post renovation updates every week. Here are some inspo for the new space: Our space may change but we are still the amazing salon that you know and love. Luxe green vibes for Bennetts & Jackson v 2.0! We assure you that this place will give you relaxation and pampering like......

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  • blonde hair extensions

    Hair Extension

    Invisible bead extensions is the latest extension method when it comes to weft application. Installed using small silicone lined beads to ensure there’s no damage to your natural hair. The weft extensions are then sewn into the track created & customised to your head & individual desired result. Your extensions will be comfortable, light weight & easily tie up into a ponytail or high bun. The hair can be reused for up to 12 months, just have them moved up every 6‐8 weeks. Invisible bead hair extensions are the least damaging,......

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  • treat yourself

    Treat yo Self!

    Do what suits YOU! 💁🏼‍♀️ Hair colour is a way to express yourself, do what suits you to enhance your features and work with your personality. Taking note of your complexion & eye colour as well as keeping some of your natural root colour showing creates contrast & is also more low-maintenance.   Treat it Well 💕 Your hair is the CROWN 👑 you never take off… “To achieve a beautiful colour healthy hair is essential” Keep your shampoo free of harsh sulphates to maintain a beautiful colour. Add a......

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