Express Styling Service

Express Styling Service

At Bennetts & Jackson, you can expect to leave with more than just hair that wows

We are committed to making our clients feel like a million bucks, no matter what day of the week. Depending on your hair texture – especially thick, curly or frizzy hair types – you may find that our express styling service is much easier than doing it yourself.

What is express styling?

The express styling service is a quick, 30minute experience. Our salon artist will style it however you like with waves, curls or straight iron.
Our hair artists are trained to give you the best styling experience.

Express Styling is perfect and convenient way to glam up without the trouble of doing it yourself . You’ll be able to leave the salon looking and feeling your best.


The express styling service is perfect for so many occasions! It can give you that extra polished look for a special event or holiday celebration. It can also provide you with the extra confidence you need for a job interview or for your professional headshot. Or quite simply, perhaps you just don’t have the time or energy to style your own hair. In any of these scenarios, the express styling service at Bennetts & Jackson is just what you need!



Arrive with your hair washed & dry, and our stylists will curl, wave, or straighten it!


As a result, you will leave the salon feeling relaxed and ready to take on the world.

Express styling is only $39


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