How To Find the Right Hair Colour for Your Skin Tone

Jun 13 2022

How To Find the Right Hair Colour for Your Skin Tone


The key to achieving a seamless and natural-looking finish with your hair extensions is to perfectly match your natural hair colour with the colour of your hair extensions. To achieve the perfect colour blend that suits you and your hair, it is essential to choose a shade that will not only match your natural hair but complement your skin tone too.

A top tip for choosing the right hair colour of hair extensions is to match your hair to your skin tone. It is a mistake to assume that all shades will suit all skin types – for example, dramatic tones like platinum often complement paler tones, while darker tones tend to suit richer, warm colours or ombre styles, and lighter highlights.


Cool Skin or Warm Skin?

Start by determining if you have cool or warm skin. Examine your wrist, veins and eyes.

  • If you see greenish color veins, that indicates more warm undertones.
  • If you see blue or purple veins, that indicates a cooler skin tone.
  • If you see a mix of blue, green and purple, that could indicate a neutral undertone.


You can check the flecks of color in your eyes, too.

  • Golden or hazel eye flecks can indicate warm undertones.
  • Blue and gray eye flecks can indicate cool undertones.
  • A combo of both indicates neutral tones.


Jewelry Check

One of the easiest ways to determine your undertone is to base it on which jewelry suits your best. If you suit silver – your undertone is cool. If you suit gold – your undertone is warm. And if either, then it’s neutral. If you naturally have a very warm hair colour, and a fairly warm skin tone, you are likely to suit a wide range of different colours, though this doesn’t necessarily mean that paler tones shouldn’t experiment with vibrant tones.

Going for extremely dark hair, however, may make pale skin look even paler. If you have yellowish hues to your skin, dark reds and browns are usually flattering options.



Hair Color for Skin Tones

If you’re quite fair, with cooler undertones (meaning you have a lot of pink, blue or red undertones in your complexion), you want your hair color to help minimize any redness in your skin. Warm or golden hair color tones look flattering on light skin with cool undertones, so go for golden blondes, warm reds or neutral brunettes that will help counter-balance your pinky skin tone and complement your face.

For warmer undertones (think hints of yellow or orange), your ideal hair color should give your skin a healthy, natural-looking flush. Go for hues that are cool, ashy or have reddish tones, like honey or strawberry blondes, golden copper, cool beige brown and rich browns.

Striking the right contrast between your complexion and hair color is key. What you don’t want is your hair color to perfectly match your skin—your features will disappear. If your skin is warm or golden, beautiful shades of mahogany or copper bring out the sunniness in your skin. For cooler skin tones, accent your pinky-blue undertones with cool red browns or icy dark browns, and rich blacks.

Your perfect custom color is only a few steps away. A perfect colour match is step 1 in achieving our goal of natural-looking luxury hair extensions. Our team takes time to create a bespoke colour and texture match for each client. With our huge inventory of hair to hand, plus all the skills to custom-make hair on demand, we can guarantee to create a finished result that looks like you grew it yourself.

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