How to Style Textured Wavy Hair

How to Style Textured Wavy Hair

Wavy hair is in! How lucky are you girls – no more straightening! Let the curls loose!!

Keeping your hair looking amazing even when you haven’t just floated out of Bennetts & Jackson on Cloud 9 – really IS possible. As you probably know, here at Bennetts & Jackson (your favourite Brisbane hairdresser), we are huge fans of Eleven Australia. Why? Simply because Eleven has a beautiful range of hair care products to keep you looking red-carpet ready (or hot-date ready) from the comfort of your own home.

Eleven Australia have prepared some awesome videos on getting your perfect style…and here’s one of our favs!

How to get textured, wavy hair in a few easy steps.

This is an effortlessly cool style and a great way to use your natural texture and create volume.

Products used in this Hair School episode:

Miracle Hair Treatment

Sea Salt Texture Spray

I Want Body Volume Powder

Give Me Hold Flexible Hairspray

Get your styling products next time you’re visiting Bennetts & Jackson – call 3395 0511 for your next appointment at your favourite Brisbane hairdresser!

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