Tame your Mane…

Sep 17 2018

Tame your Mane…

My Hair is FRIZZY & so unmanageable!!

Have you heard yourself say this lately, Summers coming & your not looking forward to putting in all that effort blow- drying & ironing your hair in the heat to only walk out side & have it turn to fuzz.

So if you want manageable, frizz free hair for 3 months than read on….

The ‘ Cezanne Keratin ’ is a specialist service done done fully trained hairstylists like us. We are trained to assess your hair type and masterfully work out a plan how to make your hair frizz free up to 3 months.

Don’t worry the ‘Cezanne Keratin’ is not permanent and will gently wash away and leave your hair frizzy again over the next 3 months. This temperory solution will reduce your frizz delivering smoother, stronger, healthier more manageable hair. You will still have your natural bouncy curl, but frizz free.


So what do you need to do?

Just call our salon ask for “Cezanne Keratin ” and our fully trained staff will do the rest. If you have any doubts & aren’t sure you want to commit to 3 months of frizz free hair why not try the express service lasting up to 6 weeks.

Call the salon now on 33950511 or send us an email


I can promise that once you have had the “Cezanne Keratin” everyone will be asking “ wow what have you done to your hair”

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