Top Hair Colour Trends of The Ber Months

Top Hair Colour Trends of The Ber Months


We’re shouting it from the rooftops; 2022 is going to be a major year in the glorious land of hair. We plan to go all in with our cuts and colours, mainly because we damn well can again.

People will want big changes to help them recover from 2021-first half of 2022! We encourage our readers to not shy away from color, and instead be bold and experiment with a glossy, multidimensional hue!

Playful colors are all the rage for this year’s hair trends. We’ve rounded up the hottest hair color trends for the year; some are subtle if you are looking for a natural look, and others are statement-making! Kick off the season with a fresh, new do by trying out one of the trends below.









Holographic Hair


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Holographic hair resembles a CD when you hold it to the light and refracts a rainbow of blue, yellow, purple and green hues. To achieve this colorful mane you will need to start with a blonde base and work with a stylist that is experienced at blending multiple colors seamlessly. All that time in the salon chair is worth it to achieve this cool, futuristic look. We suggest rocking a fishtail ponytail to accentuate the mix of colors in your hair.


Rose Gold Hair

Rose gold hair has been all the rage, and rightfully so! This pink tinted hue looks great on blonde or brown hair. You can rock all over color, highlights or just dye the ends of your hair. If you have ombre from last season this is the perfect upgrade to light up your look and ensure you look radiant this summer.



Color Melting

Color melting is when you combine multiple tones for a seamless hair color from your roots to tips. This fluid movement of colors is irresistible and would look glam with full, bouncy waves.


Watermelon Hair

This vivid color combo looks just as sweet as the juicy fruit! If you are feeling daring, try out this truly unique color combo on your tresses.


Fiery Red

This vivacious copper color is beautiful and impactful! To keep your fiery red hue, make sure to use shampoo and conditioner specifically for color treated hair.











Geode Hair


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This amethyst to navy ombre will have you looking just like a precious gemstone, and unlike platinum hair the geode hair trend doesn’t require bleach. Therefore the process is gentler on your tresses.


 Pastel Pink Hair


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Pastel hair is ultra femme and an easy to way to dip your toe into all these fun, playful hair color trends. Only problem is there are just so many to choose from, it’s hard to pick! Soft hues of pink, blue and lilac are quite popular and definitely look lovely styled with a flower crown. This trend requires you to bleach your hair thoroughly so the color is pronounced.

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