Luxury Hair Extensions

For women wanting instant length & volume who don’t want to wait.
We are the experts in invisible bead hair extensions.

The most natural, light weight comfortable hair you’ll ever have. Providing you with show stopping hair everyone will be envious of.

Unlike other methods that don’t blend & can cause damage, our invisible bead method is undetectable & won’t slip out.

Flat Track Sewn in Weft Hair Extensions

Also known as Weft Hair Extensions the flat track weave is completely Non-Damaging are easy to maintain & no glue or sticky stuff! Flat Track Weaves should be maintained and moved up every 6-8 weeks.

  • 1 Row 20”length For added thickness & volume $400
  • 2 Rows 20”length 1/2 Head $600
  • 3 Rows 20” length Full Head from $800+

Each additional row from $100.

Personalise your Hairline with tape extensions from $160 [8pcs]


Tape Hair Extensions

Tape Hair Extensions are a quick way of adding layers, volume or length to your natural hair. Tape extensions are fused to your natural hair using an adhesive bond tape. Tape extensions should be maintained & moved up every 4-6 weeks.

Premium Tape

  • 1/4 Head 20” length 10 pieces $200
  • 1/2 Head 20” length 20 pieces $400
  • 3/4 Head 20″ length 30 pieces $600
  • Full Head 20” length 40 pieces $800

Complete Makeover Package $1399

Valued at over $2000

Transform your hair with our popular Complete makeover package!
Package includes:

  • 20”length Full head Russian AA+ extensions, Tape or Flat Track sewn in Weft
  • Complete colour Transformation – including Balayage, colour correction or Full Head Foils
  • Intensive custom treatment
  • Style Cut
  • Blow Dry & Glamour Styling
  • Complementary Shampoo & Conditioner

Glow up Package $799

Valued at over $900

Just looking for Thickness & Volume? Wanting to turn your hair from drab to fab & add little va va voom. Our Volume package is perfect for adding fullness rather than length.
Package includes:

  • 20”length 3/4 head Russian AA+ extensions, Tape or Flat Track sewn in Weft
  • Professional Colour- Semi or Permanent
  • Intensive custom treatment
  • Style Cut
  • Blow Dry & Glamour Styling
  • Complementary Shampoo & Conditioner

I Want Body Volume Package $499*

Valued at over $800

Transform your hair & give it a little love. This package is just for you if your wanting long glossy locks without the high maintenance of a Blonde or lighter colour.
Package includes:

  • 20”length Russian AA+ extensions, 1/4 head tape extensions or 1 row flat track sewn in weft
  • Professional colour – Semi, Permanent or T-section Foils
  • Intensive custom Treatment
  • Style Cut
  • Blow Dry & Glamour Styling
  • Complementary Shampoo & Conditioner

*Medium-long length may incur additional charge for colour



TAPE MAINTENANCE (Includes removal + re-application, wash Blow dry & styling)

  • 1/4 Head $110
  • 1/2 Head $215
  • 3/4 Head $300
  • FULL HEAD $345

WEFT MAINTENANCE (please arrive with clean washed hair, should you require a Wash/Blow dry additional $70)

  • 1 Row $150
  • 2 Rows $225
  • 3 Rows + $300

Our standard length is 20 Inch.
• Overdue Maintenance From $50
Maintenance is recommended every 6-8 weeks. If left longer this will cause matting & damage may occur to both the extension & natural hair.


Tape? Handtied? sew in weft? beaded weft?

With so many methods to choose from why & what’s best for me?

Your hair is unique, it’s individual so not every method suits everyone.


If you love to regularly hit the gym (sweat sessions) & swim a lot, a full head of Tape extensions are probably not the best fit.
WHY? you may end up with them sliding out from all the gym sessions & swimming. Our beaded sew in method would suit you best if your life style is quite active.


What’s the difference between hand tied hair extensions & machine weft extensions? Hand tied hair is exactly that, tiny sections of hair are tied onto the string by hand & knotted allowing for the flattest most discreet weft extension option.


Hand tied hair is your best option if you have fine hair as the attachment is so very flat to the head making the hair extensions almost undetectable.


Beaded weft extensions are great for those that might be a little heavy handed when it comes to caring for your hair & if you don’t like the idea of your weave been sewn in.


Tape hair extensions are best used for filling out your sides that never seem to grow! Adding volume & thickness to flat hair or even a pop of colour, this is a great use of tape extensions if you don’t want to chemically compromise your hair with colour.


Waiting for your hair to grow SUCKS! It takes time & so much perseverance then once you get it to the length your after it’s not always as thick as you wish, with extensions you can have thick hair in an instant. Luxe hair is just an appointment away.

Give the gift of beautiful hair & an experience to remember!
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