Curly Hair Care 101: Tips and Tricks for Keeping Your Curls Healthy and Bouncy

Curly Hair Care 101: Tips and Tricks for Keeping Your Curls Healthy and Bouncy

Curly hair can be a beautiful asset, but it also requires a bit more care and attention than straight hair. To keep your curls looking their best, there are several things you can do.

First, choose the right products.

Curly hair tends to be dry, so look for shampoos and conditioners that are specifically formulated for dry or curly hair. Avoid products that contain sulfates and other harsh chemicals that can strip your hair of its natural oils. We recommend ORI LAB CURL CLEANSE AND CONDITION

Once you’ve found the right CURLY-GIRL METHOD approved products, make sure to use them correctly.

When washing your hair, gently massage the shampoo into your scalp and roots, then let the suds flow down the length of your hair. Don’t scrub your curls, as this can cause frizz and breakage. Double cleanse to allow the formula to absorb into your curls. When conditioning your hair, focus on the ends and use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair. Once you’re out of the shower, avoid rubbing your hair dry with a towel. Instead, use a microfiber towel or an old t-shirt to gently scrunch the water out of your hair.

Finally, embrace your natural curls and protect them from damage.

Avoid using heat tools like blow dryers and flat irons, as these can cause heat damage and frizz. Instead, let your hair air dry or use a diffuser attachment on your blow dryer to dry your curls without disrupting their natural shape. Use a satin or silk pillowcase to prevent tangles and breakage while you sleep, and consider protective styles like braids or buns to keep your curls safe and healthy. With a little extra care, your curly hair can look and feel amazing.


By following these tips and tricks, you can keep your curly hair healthy, bouncy, and beautiful.

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