Should You Swap Out Your Shampoo and Conditioner Regularly?

Apr 30 2024

Should You Swap Out Your Shampoo and Conditioner Regularly?

Should You Swap Out Your Shampoo and Conditioner Regularly?

You’ve probably heard that you need to change shampoos every once in a while. Conventional wisdom says that your hair “gets used to” or “becomes immune to” the effects of the formula of whatever shampoo you’re using.

There’s no proof to the myth that your hair builds up ‘resistance’ to certain products over time. However, if you were to use one shampoo and conditioner over the space of a year, there would be months when your hair would feel nourished and healthy, interchanged with times when it may feel dry and dull. So if it’s not the shampoo and conditioner themselves causing a change in your hair, what is the culprit?

There are absolutely loads of factors that can affect your hair and its condition. We’ve gathered together some of the most common ones:


This covers any colouring or texturising service you may use on your hair. Hair colour, especially bleach, can completely change the feel and condition of your hair. For example if your hair is coloured and dry but limp, there is nothing wrong with using a colour-protect shampoo followed by a nourishing shampoo and a thickening spray to build more volume at the roots.


As you grow older it isn’t just your hair colour that can change, but also your hair texture. Some people may find their hair becomes coarse, dull and unmanageable, whereas others may suffer from hair thinning and softening.

Look for age specific products that contain ingredients designed to target these problems.


It’s easy to blame the seasons for the change in your hair, but it’s actually a lot more complicated. Weather can play a huge part in determining how your hair reacts to products. The summer heat can make your scalp oily (which can weigh down hair), so you’ll want to ditch the moisturizing shampoo for a more volumizing formula. To combat humidity, try products that focus on smoothing the hair follicle.

Environmental factors also include things like pollution, sand and chlorine. Take up swimming? Reach for a clarifying shampoo to rid your hair of all of that chlorine. Embracing your natural hair texture? You’ll probably want a new shampoo formula.

Pollution can cause hair to become lank and greasy quicker. By pin-pointing the specific environmental factors that affect your hair, and how these change throughout the year, you can then start to build a product regime to keep your hair in its best condition.


So in answer to the question ‘should I regularly change my shampoo and conditioner?’ the answer is:

Change your shampoo and conditioner when your hair tells you to. Don’t just reassess the products you’re using at the end of each bottle. Consider investing in maybe 2 or 3 different shampoos and conditioners, then pick and choose which one you use based on how your hair feels.

The key to a successful haircare regimen is to always stay attuned to your hair’s condition, and be prepared to mix up your products depending on your it’s current needs!

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