Ways to keep your colour lasting longer

Jul 10 2017

Ways to keep your colour lasting longer

You go to the hairdresser because you want your hair to look AMAZING…and when you leave you always do look AMAZING!

But how on earth can you keep your colour looking as pretty as it did the day you left the salon?

It’s easy! Yep…EASY!

Nowadays, your hairstylist and YOU will work TOGETHER at keeping your hair looking sexy until your next appointment. Yes, together we will create your Fabuloso Pro colour take-home goodness which is created right here at Bennetts and Jackson using YOUR very own colour mix….so it’s like we are coming home with you and topping up your colour every time you wash your hair!

Without your Fabuloso Pro your hair will dull and fade – and who on earth wants that?

So, you’re in charge of your own hair destiny, we create our own colour, and while we’re at it, we’ll give you some of that ‘take – home goodness.’ fabuloso pro: let’s do this together!

Ask about Fabuloso Pro at your next Bennetts and Jackson appointment.

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