Why you should be using salon-only hair products

why you should
Feb 04 2015

Why you should be using salon-only hair products

It’s tempting for you – we get that! We know that you spend a fortune on getting your cut and colour just right, so when it comes to spending even more on take home products, you think twice. And, sometimes, you even commit the deadly sin of buying supermarket or chemist hair care products.

But did you know that you aren’t in fact saving any money at all by purchasing cheap products? Purchasing your hair care products in the supermarket or in a chemist will actually cost you a lot more in the long run. And here’s why.

Nobody knows your hair like your hairdresser. Your hairdresser is your own personal hair care expert. Hairdressers have spent years studying and working with hair – so there is no better person to prescribe products for your hair than – you guessed it – your hairdresser!

You may think your hair is dry and buy a product you may think will moisturise it – but it could in fact do the complete opposite, and you will be faced with even more brittle hair.

Quite often supermarket shampoos/conditions actually strip your hair of its beautiful colour – which means you will be colouring your hair more often.

And, if you’re thinking of using a box-colour – well our advice is DON’T!

Your hairdresser is professionally trained to precisely prescribe hair care products which will keep your colour lasting longer, your hair looking healthier, and helping with any hair-issues you may have.

So, next time you’re in the salon chair – remember to do the right thing by your hair – and you will not only have amazing looking hair longer, but be saving valuable dollars too!

why you should

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