8 New Blonde Hair Trends To Transform Your Look

8 New Blonde Hair Trends To Transform Your Look


If you’ve never gone blonde before, don’t be scared—the blonde shade you’ve been dreaming of is totally possible. Blonde hair has never been better, and it’s due to tons of traditional blonde rule-breaking and innovation. From ‘warm nectar’ to cream soda, these are the 2022 blonde hair trends you need to know about.

Icy White

Icy blonde hair is a light, cool-toned hair color that’s as pale as white and has subtle touches of beige. This high fashion color has been taking the spotlight since recent years.

From Lady Gaga to Kim K to Cara Delevingne, A-listers have been sharing their incredible ice-princess looks all over their social media, and their snowy hairstyles keep on inspiring white-hair enthusiasts all over the world!


Mushroom Blonde

Somewhere between bronde and grey lies the most obscure blonde hair trend to hit 2022 – Mushroom Blonde. Having had a massive 308% spike in Pinterest searches in 2019, the ashy-toned, not-quite-brown-not-quite-blonde Mushroom Blonde shade is still going strong and conveniently works on brunettes and natural blondes. It’s right in between light brown and dark blonde, like and ashier version of bronde. These tones evolved from the gray and silver trend to a slightly more natural look. The combinations with highlights and low lights gives a beautiful modern look.

Cream Soda Blonde

Let’s be real here: Would it really feel like the start of a new season if there wasn’t a new hair color trend with a whimsical name tied to it swirling around the web? Because I personally think not. Straddling the line between brunette and blonde (albeit more so the latter), the shade has “beige brown and warm gold tones to it,” and the hue can be easily adapted for both blondes or brunettes.

The best bit? It supposedly makes your face look way better. Yup, the specific golden highlights are meant to have a brightening effect, so you can get that ‘lit from within’ look our Monday morning selves never quite nail.







Toasted Coconut Blonde

Toasted coconut isn’t just a fun doughnut, iced coffee, or cookie flavor. It’s also the name of a new bronde hair-color trend that stylists on Instagram are loving.

Even more delicious-sounding than Cream Soda, Toasted Coconut combines grungey grown out (or dyed in) roots, creamy blonde lengths and icy white tips for a look that nails the au natural balayage vibe whilst also being totally badass. Toasted coconut is less about intermingling the two popular hair colors and more about gradually fading them into each other like a 2018 take on ombré hair. It’s a very rich, dark root that softly transitions and melts into blonder ends,

The best bit? It’s seriously low maintenance. The more your roots grow out, the toastier the top of your Toasted Coconut blonde becomes. Simply use a purple shampoo to keep the ends icy white and you’re good to go.

Semi-Permanent Pastels

Rainbow pastels are still going strong – why? Because they look so great, that’s why!

Once you’ve got your blonde, why not play with semi-permanent toners to get different pastel colours. As long as your blonde isn’t too yellow, you can pretty much try whatever colour you like.’ How to do it at home? Our Keune Color Brillianz mask adds a pop of temporary colour! Depending on what’s your flavour, we have the rainbow 🌈







The A-List Balayage


If you’re more of a low-key blonde and an all over rainbow pastel ‘do isn’t quite you, then balayage is probably already your go-to for that Jessica Alba caramel blonde.

Add an extra level of celeb to the situation with carefully placed shadows and highlights – trust us, it’ll look way expensive.


Smoked Marshmallow Blonde

Wish you could rock a blonde mane but aren’t quite ready to commit to the constant upkeep and root touch-ups? The list of delicious blonde hues continues for 2022 with the tantalising ‘Smoked Marshmallow’.

Smoked Marshmallow’ is the ideal blonde shade for any low-maintenance colour fans. A mix of smokey dark blonde and creamy pale sections with grown out roots, the sweet hue mimics the different colours of a just-toasted marshmallow. The best bit? It’s seriously easy to keep it looking salon-fresh.
Smoked marshmallow hair is the answer to your hair color prayers. The color involves a combination of highlights and lowlights in order to make the transition between shades seamless while allowing your grown-in roots to be less noticeable.


The latest delicious-sounding hair shade wetting our appetite for a mane change up in 2022, ‘warm nectar’ blonde is hailing in a romantic, juicy take on the more traditional strawberry blonde hue.

Landing just in time for the warmer weather and lighter evenings of Spring, think of ‘warm nectar’ blonde as golden blonde 2.0. It looks luxurious, golden, and warm. The key here is to lighten the hair’s base colour to a dark golden blonde, adding warm, vanilla-cream highlights through the layers and to the face frame area.

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