Can you keep a secret?

Can you keep a secret?

“Can you Keep a secret?” It sounds so mysterious, doesn’t it?!

The Secret Veil

We have just launched one of the newest most undetectable extension installations on the market. This Method is fast becoming the #1 choice used by stylists due to it’s invisible attachments, non-damaging properties, ultra-secure installation and quick maintenance appointments.


Weather your hair is pulled up or left down, rest assured you won’t be able to see any hair extension attachments whatsoever.


Your hair & it’s condition is important to us as it is to you! We conduct thorough consultations to ensure our hair extensions are the right fit for your hair.

Why You’ll fall in love!

Non-Damaging – the attachments provide a safe amount of hair-weight distribution and we use up to 10x less attachments than other methods

No Visible Attachments – put your hair up or down without seeing any attachments

No Irritation – 99% of the links do not come into contact with the scalp whatsoever, perfect for those with sensitive-scalps

No Adhesives – NO glues, keratin, tape or even threads!

Slippage-free – the unique and innovative installation technique ensures no slippage

Professionals Only – The Secret Veil certification is available only to licensed stylists and salons!

Safe Zone – The attachments provide a safe amount of weight distribution (proper amount of natural hair in each attachment)!

Freedom – You can now brush / wash / straighten right down to the scalp without snagging or damaging your hair extensions


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