Debunking Hair Myths About Hair Colouring

Apr 03 2024

Debunking Hair Myths About Hair Colouring


If you’ve ever coloured your hair, you probably know how much upkeep goes into keeping your hue fresh and vibrant. Sometimes, we fall into a deep hole of hair myths and so-called “secrets” that we’ve heard for so long, we’ve accepted them as scientific facts. But trust us, the Bennetts & Jackson experts, when we say that there is a lot of fake news out there when it comes to determining how you should care for your hair. To help you separate fact from fiction, we compiled a list of hair colour myths to debunk and uncover the truth.


1. “Your hair needs to be dirty when you are getting it coloured”


The truth is hair colour is always best absorbed on clean hair. Freshly washed hair creates a better canvas for all-over-coverage, as the colour will be absorbed more consistently, resulting in a more even application and improves the effectiveness and longevity of the colour.

It’s not so crazy to think that it’s better to go to the salon with dirty hair because the scalp and hair, over time, release a natural oil that could protect the hair from damage. Imagine the oil amount we would have on our hair after several days!

Consider the smoke from a barbecue with friends, the sweat from the gym, plus the environmental pollution.. Now, if you’re wondering if that oil could protect your hair or have any benefit for your colour, the answer is none!

Therefore, you shouldn’t go to the salon with several days’ worth of dirty hair under any circumstances.

Firstly, because it doesn’t benefit colouring.

Secondly, and more importantly, your stylist really doesn’t have to take the blame for your beliefs and doesn’t have to put up with the smell and oiliness of your dirty hair.

Keep in mind that the scalp is a mass of dead cells. If the words come out of your mouth “I am so sorry, my hair is so disgusting right now.”

Then you need to wash your hair! Courtesy wash for you and your hairstylist. Even if you are not getting your hair coloured, it is best to have your hair washed and clean or a day old is ok. This is so the hairstylist can see how you like to wear your hair and also to see the condition of your hair and scalp. I swear your hairstylist will appreciate it more than you know and you will feel better about it too.

Try washing your hair the night before you colour it for perfect results.

2. “You don’t have to apply styling products before colouring.”


Why should you try to avoid styling products, serums, or styling gels the day before colouring?

Because they’ll form a layer between the hair and the dye that will prevent the dye from fully developing.

3. “After applying colour, you can wash your hair anytime.”


When the hairstylists of B&J made your #hairdreams come true, aftercare is very important too!

You should wash your hair 48 hours after colouring it so that you allow the dye to settle well in the cuticle.

Why should you wait at least 48 hours to wash it again?

Because the colour will integrate well with the cuticle and you’ll prevent it from washing out and oxidizing prematurely.

You can help yourself with a special shampoo, as it’ll protect you and extend the colour. Ideally, you should try to use a shampoo for colour and sun protection because coloured hair needs extra care.

There you have it! Hair colour myths debunked. For more hair tips, tricks, and content, just follow our socials! Wanna have an amazing hair transformation? Book now!

Still undecided? Take a look at our portfolio of satisfied clients with their dream hair!


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