Everything You Need To Know About Keratin Treatments

Everything You Need To Know About Keratin Treatments

If you’ve ever experienced even a tiny bit of frizz, you’ve probably been told by a friend or hairstylist to try a keratin treatment (other names include “Brazilian blowout” and “smoothing treatment”).


What’s a keratin treatment?

A keratin is a smoothing treatment that seals the hair cuticle with a coating of protein that eliminates frizz, and adds softness and shine. The process can take anywhere between 1 and 3 hours depending on hair type, length, and fullness. Before the treatment, the hair must be thoroughly shampooed to strip any oils and product residue.




When you book a Classic Keratin Smoothing Treatment, you’ll want to allow approximately two to three hours for the service and processing time. The stylist will treat, rinse and then blow-dry and flatiron your hair to lock in the look. Then you’re all set—our nontoxic blend of ingredients allows you to style your hair, rewash it or even exercise right away.


The Classic Treatment lasts up to five months on all hair types. During this period, you’ll have smooth, frizz-free hair. Our treatments reduce blow dry time by up to 30%, and since they keep your hair healthy and strong, you won’t need to rely on extra styling products to get the look you want. Also, our treatments allow you to change your style without affecting the treatment. If you want to wear your natural curls one day and flatiron it the next, you can do that without risking losing the look you love from the treatment.




We never, ever use formaldehyde in any of our products. Why? Because we refuse to risk the safety of our stylists, customers or our planet. Smoothing treatments that contain formaldehyde and similar aldehydes expose stylists and their clients to dangerous vapors. (Which is why, in some instances, you’ll see stylists wearing masks and gloves to apply the treatment.) We want to take the danger out of getting frizz-free hair.



You want a keratin treatment, but you also need to protect your color-treated hair?

Give our Express Keratin Smoothing Treatment a try, which moisturizes hair while strengthening the keratin complex in each strand. It works for all hair types, from straight hair to textured and curly hair.



What shampoo and conditioner do you recommend to use post treatment?

You want to be sure any shampoo you are using is sulfate-free. Check out our B&J-approved products which are all sulfate-free.

Some additional benefits of the Cezanne Keratin Smoothing Treatment are:
  • 100% formaldehyde free
  • Creates smoother, softer, frizz free, healthier and more manageable hair
  • Restores hairs natural shine
  • Uses Sericin, a new keratin technology
  • Reduces blow dry time
  • Hair will still have natural movement and volume
  • Hair can be coloured immediately after your treatment
  • There is a blonde option to calm any brassiness
  • Suits all hair types; curly, kinky, frizzy, wavy or damaged
  • Classic treatment lasts 3-5 months



Gone are the days of making sacrifices to get gorgeous hair. With Cezanne, you can get smooth, glossy hair and get going with whatever your day demands. Unlike other keratin treatments, there’s no downtime—as soon as your appointment is over, you can shampoo, style, restyle, work out, even get your hair colored. No waiting necessary. Your hair will remain smooth and frizz-free through it all. Book now!

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