Five Ws and One H: Hair Extensions

May 01 2022

Five Ws and One H: Hair Extensions

First of all, you all might be wondering what Does 5 Ws and H Mean?
The term 5 Ws and H refers to the six basic questions to ask when gathering information. The questions are:

1. Who or which?

2. What?

3. Where?

4. When?

5. Why?

6. How?

The goal of this technique is to gain a factual answer to each question. Answers to all six questions should give clarity to whatever the questioner is trying to discover: the solution to a problem, the answer to a mystery, or even the best way to build a product. Thus, giving you the best information..


In this blog, I’ll be giving you the 5Ws and 1 H: Hair Extension edition. Because here at B&J, one of our values is knowledge, and it is a pleasure sharing this with our dear readers.


Who are the hair extensions experts of B&J?

Get to know them!




What are the benefits of hair extensions?

Here are the benefits of having hair extensions! Click here.



Where can I have my hair extensions done?

Not to toot our own horn but the best hair extensions specialists in Brisbane are located in 151 Lumley street Upper Mt Gravatt 4122. And that is us, Bennetts & Jackson ♥ We’re always striving to make sure that our customers have the best experience possible and that they are happy with our service. We love to see their smiles! We are always eager to provide excellent customer service and quality products!

Directions to B&J:

Check out this album to see our amazing transformations!


When to wash hair extensions?

If you want your extensions to remain smooth and shiny, you can’t wash them in the same way you do your natural hair. With the right care, you can enjoy your extensions for 6 months or longer, especially if they’re made with real human hair. The general rule is that you only really need to wash your hair extensions once there’s a product build up – this only applies to clip-in extensions though.
Any other types of extensions can be washed at the same time as your real hair. Ideally, this shouldn’t be more than 2 – 3 times a week.”

Kyley has an amazing video tutorial o how to wash hair extensions. Check it out!

5. WHY

Why are hair extensions low maintenance?

Hair extensions will give you effortless glamour. Look, let’s be real. Would you rather be blow-drying and styling your hair for 30 minutes each morning or sleeping? I know what I would much rather be doing. Hair extensions will give you effortless glamour and will half your styling time. Extensions will give your hair a break from styling tools. You can spend time doing more of what you like instead of spending crazy amounts of time getting ready each morning 👍 Not only this, but the extensions will give your hair a break from styling tools, and you can watch your hair grow!


6. HOW

How to take care of hair extensions?

It’s not hard to take care of human hair extensions, but there are some things that you should keep in mind:

1. Keep your hair clean.

2. Ensure you hair is dried after washing or swimming.

3. Use soft bristle brushes.

4. Avoid prolonged sun exposure, chlorine, and saltwater.

5. Apply conditioner to your hair extensions regularly.

6. Avoid washing your hair extensions daily.

7. Dry your hair completely before going to bed.

8. Rinse your extensions under cold running water.


For a detailed how-to on maintaining your hair extensions, check out our next blogpost next week. 😉



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