Four Reasons to Never Dye Your Hair at Home

Mar 19 2024

Four Reasons to Never Dye Your Hair at Home

Hey there, fabulous folks of Brisbane! We’re here to chat about a topic near and dear to our hearts: hair colour. 🌈 Now, we get it. Those boxed hair dye displays at the drugstore are like a siren song, tempting you with promises of instant transformations. But hold onto your hairbrushes, because we’ve got some hair-raising tales to tell about the perils of DIY dye jobs!

1️⃣ Uneven Results:

Ever dreamed of rocking that flawless shade you saw on the box? We’ve all been there! But spoiler alert: achieving that dream colour isn’t as easy as it seems. Those “hot roots” and patchy results? Not exactly what you signed up for, right? Leave it to the pros to work their magic with the perfect blend of chemistry and timing!

2️⃣ Flat Colour:

Say goodbye to one-dimensional hair! 🚫📦 Box dyes might promise a quick fix, but they often leave your locks looking about as exciting as yesterday’s leftovers. At Bennetts & Jackson, we’re all about that multidimensional goodness. With a blend of shades and formulas tailored just for you, we’ll have you turning heads wherever you go!

3️⃣ Harsh Chemicals:

Who knew those innocent-looking boxes could contain such sneaky ingredients? 😱 Ammonia, P.P.D.s, metallic salts—oh my! Trust us, your precious locks deserve better than a cocktail of harsh chemicals. Our salon only stocks the good stuff: professional-grade, hair-loving potions that keep your mane looking fab without the drama.

4️⃣ Costly Corrections:

Picture this: a DIY dye disaster that leaves you contemplating the unthinkable—yes, we’re talking about the dreaded “big chop.” 😱 Don’t let a box of dye turn into a hair-raising horror story! Our talented team is here to save the day and keep your tresses looking top-notch, without any dramatic plot twists.

Check out these amazing hair colour transformation that we’ve done in our salon!

So there you have it, lovelies! Keep the fun alive and leave the hair colouring to the pros. At Bennetts & Jackson, we’re not just making Brisbane beautiful—we’re making sure your hair stays fabulous, one appointment at a time! 💇‍♀️✨ #NoDIYDye #BennettsAndJacksonAdventures

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