Get To Know Your B&J Hairdressers

Get To Know Your B&J Hairdressers


Why hairdressing is the best job in the world

Let’s be clear – hairdressing is one of the few things now that clients can’t buy online. It is a career that holds endless possibilities if you are willing to work hard and build on your natural talent.  You can travel the world, you can manage a team, you can work with big names – you can follow your passion.
We are in an industry that deserve the recognition that we are not just hairdressers – we are the people who build your confidence in both the good and the bad times and help you to take on the world. Scientist, artist, counsellor, chemist, time management expert, friend, architect, diplomat and transformer. Yes – I am immensely proud to call myself a hairdresser, with all it entails to design beautiful hair and to stand alongside all of us who recognise themselves in what I’ve written – the truth about what it means to be a hairdresser.”



With that being said.. The Bennetts & Jackson family consists of the best and brightest hair stylists, colour and balayage experts, and hair extension specialists. All of our staff members are committed to continuing their education in their fields and are always learning the latest techniques and treatments. From hair colour to foils and our signature luxury hair extensions, you can rest assured that you will be in professional and skillful hands. Our staff is highly trained, passionate about their craft, skillful and compassionate. Our carefully chosen and highly trained staff is here to exceed your expectations. The same goes for our elegant salon space —dedicated to guest comfort — and our devotion to innovation and artistry. We’re focused on making your day and continually raising the bar because we’re all about empowering lives through life-changing moments. Get to know us more!


“I love to make clients feel great, enhance their natural beauty, have a good old chat, and watch them leave the salon looking and feeling on top of the world!”



“I’m all about the individual; boosting each client’s confidence while also ensuring they learn how to recreate their style at home, so they look B&J perfect every day.”



“Empowering my clients and giving them a new sense of confidence through their hair is priceless. I am proud to work in such a talented team and love learning from my colleagues.”



“It is about making personal connections with my clients. Helping them through life’s trial and celebrating life’s achievements. It’s about helping the ladies and gents who sit in my chair find their beauty, inside and out”



Owner and Head Stylist


Between you and me, I was reluctant to own my own hair salon or even consider creating a Hairdressing Empire. It wasn’t until I truly discovered that there is more to hair than just ‘hair’ that things changed.

It became about empowering women, enhancing their confidence, and enabling them to be the person they truly wanted to be.

Soon the law of attraction of ‘like attracts like’ kicked in and I was surrounded by loving team members with similar ideals.

Creating a space where we have fun, share our knowledge & support each other into becoming the best possible hairdressers we can be is consistently driven from my passion for hair & the bond created not only from hairdresser to client but also within the team.

A safe space where your voice is heard & #hairgoals become your reality! We welcome you to our home & for those in the back who don’t want to wait our luxury hair extensions will give you the hair of your dreams, weather it be a little extra length, body or that va-va voom I can guarantee you’ll be walking on cloud nine!

“My passion for exquisite hair, mentoring my team, developing our services and making every client feel welcome and beautiful is what drives me and was the inspiration behind B&J . I am so proud of the unique experience we offer .”


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