Maintenance is very important and we offer an extensive aftercare service. Once you have had your hair extensions fitted, your extensions will need to be looked after and cared for to ensure your own hair does not get damaged and you get the most out of your new hair.

Maintenance appointments are extremely important to keep your extensions looking their best and to stop any matting/tangling of your natural re-growth hair. The length of time before your second appointment will depend on the treatment you have.



Colouring of your hair extensions is at your own risk. No responsibility is accepted for deterioration of your extensions, hair or bonds if you colour them. We do have a specialist in our salon if you wish to have them coloured, but all colouring is done so at your own risk.



If you have your extensions cut/topped up/removed or refitted by anyone other than our salon, no responsibility will be accepted for problems arising.



Having your hair extensions removed correctly is the most important part of the process as your own natural hair can easily be damaged if they are not removed by a professional. Making sure that your removal is carried out at the correct time eliminates any damage to your natural hair.

On average we lose 100–150 strands of hair a day. This is the hair you find in your brush/in the shower when not wearing extensions. When you have extensions in, this hair shed will be caught/trapped in the bond and it has nowhere to go until your hair extensions are removed. If you leave your extensions in for too long, all the shedded hair can become tangled and start matting at the roots when the bonds have grown down. This can lead to your hair dreadlocking above your bonds which causes removal to be extremely difficult. It also causes unnecessary weight on your natural hair.


When you have had your extensions fitted, you will start to notice around the bond some natural hair spouting out with white bulbs on the end. This is your natural hair shed and it is completely normal. When having your extensions removed, you will be surprised at what 150 strands a day looks like after wearing your extensions over a long period of time.


All the methods that we fit, when maintained and removed correctly, help your natural hair to grow and cause zero damage. Removal times all depend on the method and can range from 30 to 90 minutes.



Maintenance & Care for your Hair Extensions

Bennetts & Jackson recommends that you read below instructions carefully to ensure long lasting Hair Extensions and healthy hair and scalp.


  • DO NOT Shampoo or Condition your hair within 72hours of having your Skin Weft or Tape Hair Extensions applied as this may cause loosening
  • DO NOT go to bed with wet hair as hair is weaker when wet, therefore, the hair extensions will place unnecessary tension on your own hair. Furthermore, moisture breeds bacteria which can lead to scalp problems. When the hair is completely dry, plait it loosely for bed time.
  • SULPHATE FREE SHAMPOO is recommended for use on your newly installed hair extensions.
  • DO NOT USE shampoo or products containing Moroccan Oil, Protein, Citrus, High alcohol content, Keratin Treatments, or Lauryl Sulphate. This also includes any medicated or toning shampoos. Using these products may cause tape slippage and/or discolouration to your extensions.
  • You must be very thorough when shampooing to remove oils, waxes, products, dirt and dead skin cells, as build up can occur. Ensure you thoroughly concentrate on the root area especially when wearing a full head of hair extensions. Only apply conditioner to the mid lengths and ends of the hair to avoid any compromise to the hair extension connection, as conditioner may make the hair slip or loosen. Please ask your salon to recommend products. Please note that oily hair contributes to slipping or loosening of the hair extensions.
  • DETOX shampoo once a week to remove any excess product build up or oil.
  • When blow drying the hair never use high heat as this will affect the adhesion of your tapes causing them to go gluggy. It can also make the hair appear dry/dull.
  • When using hair straighteners, curling irons or blow dryers, avoid the tape strips area. Natural drying is much gentler for the hair where possible, or use a low speed and mild heat on your hairdryer. If you want to blow wave your hair, we suggest you allow the hair to dry 80% before beginning a blow wave. Do not rub hair together, you may pat dry or alternatively wrap in a micro fibre towel where it will absorb most of the moisture & dry more rapidly.
  • DO NOT USE conditioner, Moroccan oils or products containing citrus near the root area while Skin Weft or Tape Hair Extensions are in your hair as this can increase the chance of slipping or movement of your hair extensions.
  • DO NOT colour or tone your hair whilst hair extensions are in, please leave this to the professional as it may result in an uneven unwanted colour. This may affect the adhesion of your tapes causing them to slip and discolour, this also includes all toning shampoos unless recommended by your stylist.
  • Avoid submerging your extensions in chlorinated water and salt water (ocean) where possiable. If you choose to swim it’s recommended to keep your hair out of the water or apply a leave in protective cream whilst in water. Do this by dampening your hair with “clean” water from the tap & apply a small amount of your leave in treatment to your mids-ends, once finished swimming wash your hair with a detox shampoo (sulphate free). You may compromise your hair extensions long-term wear if the hair has been exposed to excessive chlorine and salt water.
  • Your hair extensions need to be protected & moisturised with products that do not coat the hair or weigh the hair down.
  • Suitable products include those that offer solar protection and thermal ranges for those who iron or curl their hair frequently. Make sure you have regular salon visits to ensure your hair extensions are in good condition.
  • Use an appropriate hair extension brush such as a Detangler brush. This will have less impact on the hair and should be used prior to shampoo as it lifts and loosens dead skin cells, dirt, styling products, stimulates blood circulation, releases knots and makes it easier to shampoo. Start brushing from the ends- not roots to ends, as you may cause more tangles.
  • Do not pull aggressively at hair or apply force to the hair. A gentle approach is recommended at all times for you will not only compromise the life of your hair extensions, you will also compromise your own natural hair.
  • When using accessories in your hair, apply with care. Use low tension and metal free hair ties.
  • There may be shedding (hair fall of hair extension hair) If there is loss of your hair or if the hair extension becomes loose it is suggested you book in for an appointment. There may be a charge for any adjustments or replacements if required.
  • Removal & refit is recommended to be done every 6-8 weeks after initial application, as the natural hair growth cycle will assist in the extensions travelling away from the scalp.
  • It is recommended you book in for your refit and maintenance appointment on the day you have your Hair Extensions placed.



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