Hair Extension Truths: Separating Fact from Fiction

Apr 10 2024

Hair Extension Truths: Separating Fact from Fiction

Hair extensions are one of life’s best creations, from the ability to give you those long locks you have always dreamed of to boosting your confidence after experiencing hair thinning. But, there are a fair share of hair extension horror stories out there that can make you a little scared about what to expect. Will my extensions damage my natural hair? Will you be able to see them? Will they cost me a fortune? The list goes on, to help you sleep better at night and live with gorgeous hair, we’ve gathered the most common hair extension myths and proven them false.



False. Hair extensions have been around for many years. In fact, only recently it was discovered by archaeologists that Egyptians wore wigs and hair extensions; these were then decorated by beads as you see on Cleopatra.

The reason for this myth is because a lot of younger women like to wear them really thick. They may opt for a full head of hair extensions which gives maximum length and thickness. Tape hair extensions and G-wefts are also extremely popular in the younger generation.

However, older women like to have something more natural. The reason for this myth is because older women opt for more of a natural look where the extensions are not noticeable. This is an example of my beautiful client that likes a fuller yet natural and subtle look.

Anyone of all walks and ages can wear hair extensions as there are now so many different methods to achieve the finish you desire.



False. If you are having your hair extensions fitted by a professional there is no reason why other people should be able to see them. Many worry that hair extensions won’t blend naturally, causing an unsightly, fake look. Thankfully, at B&J, we flawlessly colour-match the hair extensions for your hair, as well as state-of-the-art application methods that’ll make them blend in seamlessly.

Hair extensions can be as natural as you want them. Just take a look at our Instagram page @bennettsandjackson for before and after pictures of our clients.

Most of our clients who wear hair extensions have said their friends are completely oblivious to the fact they have them in unless they tell them.

The advice I give to my clients is when you can start to notice them, it’s time for a maintenance appointment. Other than that you shouldn’t be able to see them unless they have either been placed incorrectly or you have a method of hair extensions in, which isn’t suitable for your hair.






False. While this may have been true once, it’s not anymore. There are now so many different options for hair extensions and hair extension applications that anyone can afford them. The pricing also depends on the method, the thickness, and the length you decide to choose.

Usually, you can keep the hair extensions in for a year and just maintain them every 2-3 months, which provides good value for money. And if the budget is tight, we have many payment options: AfterPay, ZipPay. 😉


False. While there are some precautions you can take to help your hair extensions last, hair extensions can be worn at the gym.Tape in hair extensions are applied using an adhesive that can withstand sweat. If you pull your hair back too tightly or sit in a sauna, your extensions may fall out prematurely but this can be avoided.

You may think you can only wear your hair extensions down and in silky smooth waves, but that’s not the case at all. Hair extensions were made to play around with, and they give you the freedom to explore a plethora of hairstyles for all occasions. Try them in a high pony, regal princess braids, or down and casual.



False. Hair extensions are known to be less upkeep than your natural hair. The reasons being:

  • You style your hair less than you would with no hair extensions in as the styles hold for much longer
  • You have fewer trips to the hairdressers for hair cuts and colour
  • Hair extensions are easy to look after
  • You can treat the hair extensions as you would your natural hair
  • You can throw your hair extensions up in a bun on the days you are feeling too lazy to wash your hair

An initial consultation with a licensed hairstylist is highly recommended (available with us here at B&J!) at the start of your hair extension journey! Are you a hair extensions convert yet? Call us at — 07 3395 0511 or DM to book!


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