Hair Extension

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Feb 17 2021

Hair Extension

Invisible bead extensions is the latest extension method when it comes to weft application. Installed using small silicone lined beads to ensure there’s no damage to your natural hair. The weft extensions are then sewn into the track created & customised to your head & individual desired result. Your extensions will be comfortable, light weight & easily tie up into a ponytail or high bun. The hair can be reused for up to 12 months, just have them moved up every 6‐8 weeks. Invisible bead hair extensions are the least damaging, long lasting hair extension method available.


For your complementary consultation contact one of our friendly staff to book a time suitable! You’ll be glad you did, the hair you’ve always dreamt of is only a phone call away.


Invisible Bead Extensions FAQ:


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Q. What are invisible bead extensions?
A. Invisible bead extensions are the latest extension method on the market today, installed using small silicone beads to
ensure there is no damage to your natural hair.


Q. Do you use human hair?
A. Yes we use 100% human double drawn hair.


Q. How often do they have to be maintained?
A. Maintenance is recommended every 6‐8 weeks.


Q. Who is a candidate for IBE (invisible bead extensions)
A. IBE will suit anyone with natural hair length to at least the shoulders.


Q. What’s the investment?
A. Between $700 ‐ $1200 Consultations are FREE! Every situation is personal, your investment will depend on the type of hair
system best suited, the amount used & colour choice.


Q. Can I put my hair in a ponytail?
A. Yes, during your consultation we touch on lifestyle & how you like to wear your hair, this ensures the placement is totally
customised to your hair/lifestyle needs.


Q. Can I go swimming & do outdoor exercise/activities?
A. Yes, however we do recommended applying a leave in hydrating moisturiser & plaiting your extensions before going in the
water, this will keep them from getting tangled.


Q. How long does the hair last?
A. With the correct home hair Care routine & products (recommended by us) up to 12months.

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