Hair for Every Holiday Party

Hair for Every Holiday Party

Come December, a party is never just a party. What better way to up your hair game and dazzle and sparkle with amazing hair?

Here are our top B&J #hairgoals that are ready for back to back parties!

Hair Extensions

Celebrate the holidays with VAVAVOOM hair! Check out our HAIR EXTENSIONS page for the package that suits you!








This amazing blonde hair extensions transformation just shows that extensions are not just for length, they can totally transform your style 😍

Hair extensions are a great way to change things up in new and fun ways.



Who else just loves a banging blonde? Did you know creating a seamless hairline when foiling is one of our specialties and also one of our favourite services? Close to the root seamless foils. As they should be!

Creating that perfect blend gives you a soft gradual grow out with no harsh lines as your natural colour comes back in. These pics are blonde and hair extensions transformations. We take pride in giving you that seamless perfection.





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