How To Keep You Hair Happy While On Holidays

How To Keep You Hair Happy While On Holidays

We know how travel is inherently good for the soul and our wellbeing, helping to take us out of the everyday and immerse ourselves in a whole new world full of adventure. This is what entices us to book that flight time and time again.

When you’re traveling, the last thing you want to do is spend two hours fixing your hair. You’ve got to make the most of every minute.

With all these fun activities it’s easy to forget about your personal care routine. Especially when traveling or mind body and hair might need some extra care and attention.

Now this doesn’t mean that you need to bring your entire beauty cabinet on a trip, or start using hair tools if that’s not your thing. It’s just a reminder that you don’t need to skip your hair routine entirely, because you can just bring the essential items that enhance your features for a natural yet chic look.

Need tips on how to manage your hair while traveling? Look no further! In this guide, we share how to handle your mane, what products to bring, and what tools to leave behind.


Choose Essential Styling Tools

Don’t pack all your styling tools into your suitcase and never pack a full-size hair brush. Call your accommodation in advance to see if they offer a blow dryer. If not, look for a foldable travel hair dryer. Don’t forget about a mini brush and mini comb.
PRO-TIP: It’s important to note that hair styling products may not work in other countries. Research in advance the plugs and voltage that are compatible with your tool. To be safe, bring an adaptor.

Pack hair accessories

Throw some headbands, headscarf, hair clips, elastics, and bobby pins into your suitcase—they could come in handy on your trip. When you don’t have time to style, wearing a headband or wrapping your hair in a pretty scarf is both effortless and stylish. Or when you’re in a hot, humid weather, a high ponytail may be the smartest hairstyle to wear.

Keep your hair moisturized throughout a long-haul flight

Moisturize your hair before any flight. Cold, recirculated air seeps all the moisture out, making your hair look dry and dull the moment you land. While drinking water does aid in keeping your locks nourished, adding natural oils works even better as they instantly moisturize it.

The Bleu Jaye Argan Oil is suited for all hair types. It revitalizes dry, damaged hair, making it effortlessly stunning all day long.

Give your tresses an instant refresh with dry shampoo

When you’re traveling, you’re out and about most of the day. The more time you spend outside, the dirtier and greasier your hair gets. The easiest way to freshen up without water is to use dry shampoo. It would get rid of dirt and absorb oil in your strands between washes.

Pro-tip: Use Keune Dry Shampoo on your hair to easily clean it and give it body.

Protect your hair from pool or salt water

If you’re vacationing by the ocean or will be going for frequent dips in the pool, protect your hair before going into the water so it doesn’t soak up all the chlorine and salt. Wet your hair and apply some conditioner to the ends before jumping in. This is the best way to minimize chlorine damage and keep hair protected and nourished. Be sure to wash the chlorine out of hair as soon as possible once you’re out of the pool, and if you’re dealing with particularly curly or textured hair, deep condition post-swim.

Protect your hair from the sun

If you’re going some place sunny, wear a hat or wrap your hair in a head scarf. Just like your skin, your hair can get fried from too much sun exposure. If your hair is dyed, it will also cause your hair color to fade quickly. So cover up! And spritz hair with sun protection. Your hair needs sun protection to shield it from keratin-damaging UV rays, so spritz on a Sun Protection Spray before you hit the beach. It creates a nourishing shield around those cool, surfer-girl curls, and can be topped up throughout the day for lengths that stay soft and smooth in the heat.

After a trip, you come home happy and re-energized, ready to take on the world again. Make sure your hair is, too! Just follow these hair care tips for traveling and you and your hair will be fine. Enjoy your holidays!

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