How to Take Care of Dry, Damaged Hair

May 28 2024

How to Take Care of Dry, Damaged Hair

How to Take Care of Dry, Damaged Hair

We’ve all been there—dealing with dry, crunchy hair that’s impossible to run your fingers through. But don’t worry, bringing life back to your parched strands is easier than you think. It all starts with understanding what’s causing the dryness in the first place.

Major Causes of Dry Hair

Dry, brittle hair can result from:

  • Salon colour or chemical treatments
  • Excessive heat styling
  • Washing too frequently
  • Hard water
  • Lack of hydrating products
  • Environmental factors, like living in a dry climate

The best treatment is always tailored to your specific needs. Consult your stylist to create a custom hair care routine that tackles your dryness head-on.

Tips to Revive Dry Hair

  1. Lower the Heat Your curling iron, flat iron, and blow dryer are miracle workers, but too much heat leads to dryness and brittleness. Unless your hair is super thick or coarse, use a mid-range temperature. When possible, skip the heat and try air-dry formulas. Always use a heat protectant to shield your hair from damage.
  2. Handle Wet Hair with Care Wet hair is fragile, especially if it’s fine, curly, or damaged. Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle and gently blot your hair with a fluffy towel or microfiber cloth. Avoid pulling a brush through wet hair and never secure it with an elastic band when wet to prevent breakage.
  3. Use Rich Hair Masks Hair masks are packed with vitamins, oils, and other nourishing ingredients. Apply a mask to damp hair and let it sit for a while to deeply penetrate and repair your hair. Use a mask suitable for your hair type twice a week for best results.
  4. Get Professional Treatments Sometimes, DIY just isn’t enough. Our in-salon treatments at Bennetts & Jackson offer the highest concentration of active ingredients to tackle all types of hair damage. Ask about our express keratin treatment for an instant transformation.
  5. Seal Your Bonds Chemical treatments can break your hair’s structural bonds, leading to damage. Special bond-preserving formulas can prevent and repair this damage. These treatments are game-changers, especially for those who frequently colour their hair.
  6. Trim Split Ends Regularly Split ends can cause hair to unravel and look frizzy. Use fortifying shampoos and conditioners to keep hair strong, and visit your stylist regularly for trims to keep split ends in check.
  7. Protect from Sun and Swim Chlorine and salt water can make hair brittle and fade colour. Wear a swim cap when swimming and a hat in the sun. Apply a hair mask before hitting the beach for extra protection, and always wash and condition your hair after exposure.
  8. Hydrate Your Hair Dry hair is prone to breakage. Use a hydrating shampoo, conditioner, mask, and leave-in product to keep your hair moisturized and healthy.
  9. Shampoo Wisely Opt for sulfate-free shampoos with natural ingredients. Avoid over-washing your hair and try using dry shampoo between washes. Always rinse with cool water to help your hair shaft lie flat, resulting in shinier, smoother hair.

Ready to Revive Your Locks?

At Bennetts & Jackson, we’re experts in restoring hair health. Book a consultation with us today and discover the perfect routine to transform your dry, damaged hair into luscious, vibrant locks.

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