The Top 5 Best-Selling Keune Products at B&J

The Top 5 Best-Selling Keune Products at B&J

Your hair products are the first and most important step to achieving a desired look or hairstyle. Without the correct hair care products, you can kiss that beachy boho look or sleek chignon goodbye!

In this blog post, we’re going back to basics to give you the run down on the top 5 best-selling Keune products to ensure lovely locks and healthy hair

The essential, one-stop guide for the best in all things hair.

Top 5 — Satin Oil Shampoo & Conditioner

If you’ve always dreamed having of shampoo-commercial hair, our Satin Oil shampoo and conditioner is for you. With Dual Technology, essential minerals are directly delivered to the hair’s structure, nourishing and strengthening each strand from the inside out.

Dull, dry hair is transformed into silky-soft strands with an otherworldly sheen.
This mild shampoo is perfect for those with dry, dull hair. The innovative, light formula leaves hair refreshed, healthy and gorgeously shiny.
Amd the conditioner is an intensely nourishing hydrator treats dull, dry hair from the inside out thanks to its rich blend of maracuja, baobab and monoï oil. Worried about grease and a heavy feeling? No need — we formulated Satin Oil Conditioner to make hair shiny, soft and feeling feather-light.




Top 4 — Keune Colour Chameleon + Color Brillianz Mask

Custom colour conditioning treatments, made just for you! An intensive caring mask for color-treated tresses. The Color Sealing Complex ensures long-lasting color brilliance, while the moisturizing, restoring formula repairs, protects and strengthens the hair.

The most amazing thing about this mask if we can custom-make it just for you. Take home one of our custom chameleon colour masks tailored to your hair needs, ask your stylist during your next visit. We can create any shade you choose!

This colour mask will not only keep your hair in tip top condition but will also keep your colour looking BRILLIANT in between your salon visits, with regular use for just 3-5minutes or once a week for 20minutes & for more tonal saturation, it’s that easy!





Top 3 — Dry Conditioner

We want shine, and we want it now. All it takes is a spray of N°15 Dry Conditioner. This instant conditioner has some of the benefits of our dry shampoo – like absorbing oils and leaving no white residue. But it also detangles hair and adds nice, natural shine. For soft, totally touchable hair without a drop of water.







Top 2 — Smooth Silkening Polish

Static is an annoying side effect from lack of moisture in the air, beside from zapping everyone you touch it causes your hair to reach for the sky.
Try our keratin smooth silkening polishing cream. Both are great for finishing your look just a quick spray or a pea size dot of the polish to smooth those frizzy ends, it’s also great for dressing out your glamour waves & beach curls.
This silky cream fights frizz, ensuring clean definition and a super shiny finish. Keratin Smooth Silkening Polish is the last step of your smoothing, softening routine. This lightweight gel-cream smoothes frizz, fluff and flyaways and gives your hair a beautiful sheen.




Top 1 — Lumi Coat

And lastly our top 1 bestseller, the Lumi Coat!
Lumi Coat is an innovative, luminous spray that instantly boosts glossy shine and adds weightless hydration to dry, damaged hair.
Easy to use: Spray on clean damp hair. Activate using heat from the blow-dryer. Style as desired.
Result: Smooth, soft hair with incredible glossy shine!

When hair is exposed to the elements or chemical treatments, it can become prone to breakage, tangling and frizz. Lumi Coat revitalizes dry, damaged hair. A lightweight yet luminous mist, Lumi Coat is designed to deliver instant shine and weightless hydration.






There you have it! Our top 5 bestsellers.. you have 2 options to purchase Keune products at B&J. One is by going to the salon. And the other is by visiting our very own “online shop” where you can purchase the entire Keune range PLUS gift vouchers!

We want to always be looking after your hair beyond your salon visit, caring for your hair and professionally treat it with the finest products.
That’s why we are so happy that we have a new shop online! It’s so easy! Just click the BUY NOW link below!
Unsure of what’s best for your hair? Slide us a DM and we’ll be happy to find the perfect Keune product for you. Happy shopping!


Here at Bennetts & Jackson, when it comes to achieving your dream hair half the struggle is finding that perfect fit with a stylist that gets YOU & has a full understanding & investment in your hair. You deserve a stylist who cares about your hair & professionally treats your hair with the finest products. We offer complementary consultations for your dream hair. Make sure to treat yourself with a visit to the hair salon. You work hard and absolutely deserve the best care. Book now!

Still undecided? Take a look at our portfolio of satisfied clients with their dream hair!



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