Let’s Talk Blondes

Let’s Talk Blondes

Caring for blonde hair can be a real hassle. Not only can natural elements (such as water, the sun, and air pollution) make your hair brassy, but over styling and processing your hair can also leave your locks dry and prone to breakage! Not to worry gorgoeus blondes, we are here to share with you great ways to keep your blonde locks looking like you’ve just stepped out of Bennetts & Jackson Hair + Extensions Salon Let’s get started!

Do- Read the labels

Sulfates are a big no-no when it comes to picking a shampoo. The most common of these are SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) and SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) that are used in a lot of shampoos to help you get that big lather you see in all those ads—but turns out, those big lathers are only doing you harm, no good. So, make sure you’re reading your labels closely whenever you pick out your shampoo.





Don’t- Use Blonde Shampoo Often

You heard me! Yes that’s right put the blue bottle down, why?
Blonde shampoo is full of blue direct dye, over time & too much use causes your blonde to go dull, over toned & can start to feel dry.







Do -protect your hair when you go swimming

If you go in pools, lakes, oceans or hot tubs try to keep your hair out of the water with a plait, braid, pony tail, hat swim cap etc. if you cannot first wet it with clean water followed with a leave-in conditioner to fill your strands so they can’t absorb as much of the “bad” water. Chemicals, salts, etc can damage the hair and strip and/or change colour.








Do- Use Protection

Hot tools are especially threatening to color-treated blonde hair.. You’ll want to be sure to minimize the damage with the use of heat protectant sprays or serums before touching a wand to your strands. Also, be sure to lower the temps so you’re not frying off your hair in the process of making it wavy.






Do- Use a custom made conditioning mask

We love a good hair care routine, especially one that includes deep conditioning. It helps replenish the moisture in your hair and keeps it from looking stringy and gives it a fresh, and shiny look and feel. Your conditioner, as well as the once-a-week deep conditioner, is an essential part of this process—so make sure you’re not skipping out on that!


We recommend the Keune colour chameleon care mask in colour brillanz! It is an intensive caring mask for color-treated tresses. The Color Sealing Complex ensures long-lasting color brilliance, while the moisturizing, restoring formula repairs, protects and strengthens the hair all in one treatment and colour refresher for your hair. The mask is custom mixed to suit your hair colour & can be used as a colour refreshing hair treatment. It can also be used on blonde hair if you are wanting a tinge of pink, blue, purple etc… And it can be used to tone blonde hair too. Available at salon.

There you have it, the Dos and Don’ts for blonde hair. For amazing hair.. book a complementary consultation and visit us!


Here at Bennetts & Jackson, when it comes to achieving your dream hair half the struggle is finding that perfect fit with a stylist that gets YOU & has a full understanding & investment in your hair. You deserve a stylist who cares about your hair & professionally treats your hair with the finest products. We offer complementary consultations for your dream hair. Make sure to treat yourself with a visit to the hair salon. You work hard and absolutely deserve the best care. Book now!

Still undecided? Take a look at our portfolio of satisfied clients with their dream hair!



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