Spring Hair Colour Trends: Blossoming Hues for the New Season

Sep 18 2023

Spring Hair Colour Trends: Blossoming Hues for the New Season

Spring Hair Colour Trends: Blossoming Hues for the New Season

Spring is here, and it’s time to refresh your wardrobe, home, and gorgeous locks! At Bennetts & Jackson, we believe your hair should always look and feel like YOU, but a touch of the latest trends can add that extra oomph to your style.

Step into the vibrant world of spring hair colours with Bennetts & Jackson! Discover the hottest shades for the season, from sultry brunettes to sun-kissed blondes. Get inspired and transform your look with the perfect spring hue.


Lived-In Styles:

Our expert stylists agree that lived-in shades are making a comeback this spring. Think Jennifer Aniston’s iconic dirty blonde. We’re seeing more lived-in colours – blondes, coppers, and even our darker shades are getting that effortless, blended look.

Clients are loving relaxed styles, fringes, and layers for that effortlessly chic lived-in hair.

Penny Copper:

For a unique summer look, embrace the penny copper trend, popularized by celebrities like Zendaya. Our skilled stylists use balayage techniques to capture the perfect mix of brown and red, creating a vibrant copper glow that complements your summer tan flawlessly.


Miley Cyrus inspired the edgy two-toned look, combining bold contrasting colours like platinum and jet black. At Bennetts & Jackson, we can create this unique and vibrant contrast with expert colour techniques.

Expensive Brunette:

Instagram is abuzz with the luxurious “expensive brunette” trend. This style adds lowlights, glossing, and strategic placements to create dimension and richness, making your hair look vibrant and chic. Ideal for brunettes seeking a low-maintenance yet stunning change.

California Brunette:

Ring in the spring with a sun-kissed California colour. Perfect for those with a darker base or warm undertones, our stylists use foils and balayage to add brightness where the sun naturally lightens the hair, achieving a natural and radiant look.


Experience the Y2K trend revival with “frosting.” This subtle technique adds skinny highlights to the front face-framing sections, brightening your face and adding dimension. Frosting pairs beautifully with warm blonde shades.

Light Baby Brunette:

This glamorous light baby brunette is a summer must-try. It blends light brown into darker hair, reflecting the sun for a luxe glow. An ideal choice for maintaining your natural shade while elevating your style.

Strawberry Blonde:

For those curious about red but not ready for full commitment, strawberry blonde combines the brightness of blond with the warmth of red. A perfect summer choice that doesn’t require frequent touch-ups.

At Bennetts & Jackson, we’re all about helping you achieve the hair of your dreams. Join us as we dive into the latest spring hair colour trends and guide you on your journey to a fresh and fabulous look. Let’s make this spring unforgettable!

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