Summer Hair Care Tips To Save Your Strands

Summer Hair Care Tips To Save Your Strands

We are loving this upcoming warm weather. But there are a few factors working against you when it comes to your hair – faded colour, spring like fly-aways and split ends.

Hair requires lots of care throughout the summer to keep it looking soft and shiny. Here are a few tips to help you with your summer haircare regime. This article will help you combat these and allow you to enjoy healthy hair in the upcoming school holidays.

Hold on to your moisture

We all like our hair to feel silk and not straw like but much like a tomato, the longer that our hair spends in the heat of either our styling tools or the sun. There are some fantastic serums and oils that help lock in your hair’s moisture by sealing the outside layer.

We recommend Keune Care Sun Shield Oil, this luscious hair oil spray that protects tresses from harmful UV rays and forms a moisture-locking barrier around each strand to prevent hair from drying out. It has SPF 8, it’s the perfect protective, moisturizing pick-me-up. It’s light yet potent, forming a moisture-locking barrier around each strand to prevent your hair from drying out in the sun. The SPF keeps harmful UVA and UVB rays at bag, preserving your color.







During the summer, conditioner is vital for keeping your hair frizz free, and you should use it religiously during humid days to keep any frizz at bay. To prevent any weather induced frizz, you can use an anti-humidity lotion before drying your hair. Try an anti-frizz and flyaway gel to stop daily hair dramas – but be careful not to overload your hair as this may lead to grease and product build up. When hair is wet, try and wait a short while to let it dry naturally before brushing your hair starting at the tips. Gradually work tangles out with a wide toothed comb.

We recommend Keune Sun Shield Conditioner – An intensely hydrating and soothing conditioner for sun-damaged, dry and frail hair. Essential Minerals and Shea Butter pamper, nourish and treat, restoring the moisture balance and adding shine.




Go heat-free

Summer is hot enough without exposing your hair to a hairdryer. Rather than using heat during your styling routine, let your hair air dry or simply braid it to keep it in place. During summer months when hair tends to be moisture deprived, limit use of hair chemicals (bleach, hair dye, relaxers, chemical straighteners) as much as possible.

If you normally use hot styling tools such as hairdryers, straightening irons, curling tongs or rollers, try to give your hair a rest during summer months. Air dry whenever possible or opt for easy yet chic styles, such as a quick updo. Braid damp locks into plaits which create natural waves as the hair air dries. Play with half up half down styles or Boho side braids. If you’re addicted to your hairdryer and can’t give it up, use a leave- in conditioner designed to protect your hair against heat. When you do blow dry, dry on cool heat.


Go for a shampoo that protects your hair from the elements: the sun, salt water, rain, you name it.

Care Sun Shield Shampoo – This shampoo is enriched with Essential Minerals, Provitamin B5 and the unique Anti-Chlorine Complex. It mildly cleanses the hair, removing traces of sunscreen, chlorine and salt water, while gently moisturizing each individual strand.












Use a scarf or cute hair accessories!

Satin scarves are brilliant hair accessories for adding colour to your hairstyle during summer, but they are also a great way to protect your hair from sun damage. Why not put a scarf on your bag for decoration and transfer it to your head when you need it. This can also really help your neck not get sunburnt and is an absolute must if you have colour treated hair or extensions. We also have silk scrunchies and hair clips up for grabs in salon!



Just like the sun can damage your skin, long hours of direct exposure to the sun can “fry” your hair. The sun’s ultraviolet rays cause damage by drying your hair out and roughing up the normally smooth cuticle, or outer layer, of the hair shaft. This type of damage is most obvious when you see color-treated hair become faded, bleached and brassy. To protect your hair and scalp from the hot summer sun, try these tips. Have a great summer ahead!


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