The Feathered Hair Trend is Set to Fly in Spring

The Feathered Hair Trend is Set to Fly in Spring

Spring is synonymous with change and growth. There’s a reason why the season makes everyone feel like cleaning their homes or updating their wardrobes. Spring represents newness and one of our favorite ways to ring in the season is with a hair change — and you don’t have to look far for some inspiration. There’s no shortage of cool feathered hair trends on social media and beyond.

Style-wise, one thing is very clear: Prepare to revisit the popular haircuts of your (or your mom’s) youth. Retro looks are having a major moment, and that’s especially true of  ’90s-inspired hairstyles like flipped-out ends, swoopy updos, and even mullets. The experts we spoke to have been seeing a return to the cuts and shapes we loved so much before the turn of the century, and they’re excited to revive them in a modern way.


What Is a Feather Haircut?

Feathered hairstyles first gained traction during the 1970s and were popular with both women and men. Designed to look almost like a bird’s feathers, giving the style its name, feathered hair is the result of layered hair and features either a side or center part. Actress Farrah Fawcett of Charlie’s Angels fame popularized the look, inspiring women to go to their stylist and ask for the “Farrah-do.”

Feathered hair can work on any type of hair — from straight to curly, short to long. Generally, as long as the cut is a finely textured layered style, it can be considered feathered.

Feathered haircuts that were all the rage back in the 1970s are experiencing a major comeback.  Here are our faves.


Selena Gomez










30 Feathered Hair Styles that Remain Miraculously Perfect

















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Cindy Crawford









How to style feathered hair

Follow the lead of this video uploaded on our Instagram and pick up the same tools Fawcett would have relied on for her signature blowout – velcro rollers…

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