Treat yo Self!

treat yourself
Mar 07 2019

Treat yo Self!

Do what suits YOU! 💁🏼‍♀️

Hair colour is a way to express yourself, do what suits you to enhance your features and work with your personality. Taking note of your complexion & eye colour as well as keeping some of your natural root colour showing creates contrast & is also more low-maintenance.


treat yourselfTreat it Well 💕

Your hair is the CROWN 👑 you never take off…

“To achieve a beautiful colour healthy hair is essential” Keep your shampoo free of harsh sulphates to maintain a beautiful colour. Add a treatment to your salon visit & give your CROWN 👑 some TLC, one of our favourites is the Brazilian Blowout Split end repair – packed with Amino acids & seaweed extracts to bond tattered fibers just like a liquid Band-Aid for up to a month, leaving your hair packed with shine & that silky smooth feeling!





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