When to Use Hair Extensions for Volume

When to Use Hair Extensions for Volume

Maybe you like the length of your hair already but just want to give it a little extra life – using hair extensions to add volume is the answer.

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Do you have a particular hairstyle in mind that you wanted to try? A lot of the time, hairstyles are much more achievable when you have more hair to play around with. Thick hair does not only allow you to try out more styles but it can also help to give your hairstyles impact.

A thick ponytail is a chic and modern way to add a little glamour. You could also try out braided hairstyles, messy buns and classy updos.

Daily Use

If you have thinner hair, you might want to use hair extensions more frequently to give your hair a naturally thicker look. When wearing hair extensions frequently you need to ensure you choose the right attachment method so that your natural hair does not become damaged.

It is also important to ensure that your hair extensions have been accurately colour matched and blended into your natural hair for a seamless look.

Special Occasions

Whilst you might be happy with your hair overall, for a special occasion you want to feel your very best. Adding a little extra volume for a wedding, party or event could help to give you that little confidence boost and give you the hair of your dreams!

Naturally, your hair grows at different rates, resulting in a tapered look towards the bottom of the hair due to the shorter and longer strands.

Full Head vs Half Head

Choosing between a full head and half head of hair extensions will depend on how much volume you want. In most cases, when people just want to add volume rather than length, a half head of hair extensions is enough. A full head can give a more dramatic overall look or may be more appropriate if you have particularly thin hair.

Hair Extensions for Crown Volume

If your hair is thinning on top, you may be looking to use hair extensions to add crown volume. We offer a wide range of hair extension options for those with thinning hair and hair loss.

Contact our expert team to discuss your options.

Hair Volumising Tips

Want to add even more volume? Check out our hair volumising tips.

Tease Your Roots

Use a comb to tease your hair slightly at the roots. It helps to give your hair just a little extra height. Be careful not to over tease; you don’t want to damage your hair or bring back the 80s look.

Use Volumising Shampoo and Conditioner

Volumising shampoo can be used to both cleanse and enhance the volume of your hair. It uses a unique blend of panthenol, silk, milk and wheat proteins to add volume to the hair without causing build up.


Use Volumising Styling Products

When styling your hair you could use a volumising mousse or lotion. These products build body and give long-lasting hold, even in humid weather conditions. It can be applied to add texture and volume, whilst also enhancing shine and manageability.

Give Yourself a Salon Blow Dry

Use a large barrel brush to give yourself a salon-style blow dry at home. Focus on adding slight definition and curl at the roots for a volumised end look. Go one step further and visit your local salon or blow dry bar for the real deal.

After all, there’s no better feeling than a little pampering and a good hair day!

Get in touch to arrange a free consultation appointment to discuss how you can add volume to your hair.

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