Why The Wolf Cut Is Trending

Why The Wolf Cut Is Trending


This edgy look can work on nearly all hair types.

Shag haircuts are officially a thing again.This unique hybrid of a shag and a mullet has taken TikTok by storm, with the hashtag racking up 646.6 mllion views and counting on the platform. The truly adventurous are DIY-ing the cut themselves at home, and have some not-so-great results.
The wolf cut will not make you look like an extra on Wayne’s World or Ziggy Stardust. In fact, this new take on the “business at the front, party at the back” style is being driven by trend setting women. With stars like Rihanna, Billie Eilish, and Gigi Hadid sporting their own versions of this shag cut, fashion forward females are flocking to their stylists to try out this bold new look. These days, it seems like everyone is crying wolf.

Why is the wolf haircut trending?

The wolf cut is trending for a reason – it’s an instant transformation if you want that cool-girl look . It’s the sexy, edgy mashup between the mullet and the shag, Part of what makes the wolf cut appealing is that the choppy layers are easy to create at home, since they’re intentionally uneven, as well as the versatility of the style given that you can wear it short or long and across different textures.

What does a wolf cut look like?

It’s got a lot more texture than the traditional shag and there is usually more separation in the layers, giving it a fuller look on top that blends into a shaggy mullet all around, These longer layers are often complemented with some sort of bang to finish the look. With the wolf cut, the focus isn’t on extremely short layers to create heaps of volume at the back of the head but rather on using the short layers to frame the face. It’s like a mix between a ’70s vintage shag and a slight ’80s mullet, with a longer layer in the back. Essentially, like taking two different time periods and smashing them together into a modern-day look.



What type of face shape is best on wearing the wolf cut?

EVERYONE.. To achieve this, go for curtain bangs as they look flattering on every face shape. When it comes to length, people with medium to long hair works best. That way you can cut into the layers easier – you’ll have a longer layered look. For those with shorter hair, the cut will tend to look choppier.







How to Style the Wolf Cut


Once you’re good with your cut, it’s time to finally embrace the wolfy vibes by amping up the volume and texture.




Add Vibrant Colours

Of course, life too short to have boring hair.. time to level up the wolf cut with amazing colours. Blonde, brunette, pink, lilac.. the list goes on!

Go Messy

If you have naturally straight hair, then you’re going to need to spend some time styling it or you’ll just have jagged, weird angles and your hair will look more like a modern piece of living abstract art than a bohemian rocker statement.

Everyone wants a wolf cut until they realize … your hair will be flat unless you style it. So stytle it! We love the undone look of this messy, tousled style.



How to Ask B&J stylists for a Wolf Cut

Bring your hairstylist a photo of someone with similar hair thickness, texture, and do research to find out exactly what you want. Communication is key to getting exactly what haircut you want. The major difference between DIY-ing and a stylist s that a stylist will be able to smooth the fabric of the hair and work in smaller sections to give you customization.
So kick your boring Covid hair to the curb. Now’s your chance to put the former mullet-wearing men in your life to shame with your far superior wolf cut. Awooo!


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